Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School

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Student of the Month » March Students of the Month

March Students of the Month

 Raniyah Gooch
6A - Raniyah Gooch 
 Kacey Smotherman
6A - Kacey Smotherman
 Emma Bouldin
6B - Emma Bouldin
 Jacob Wisdom
6B - Jacob Wisdom
 Diana Jacobs
7A - Diana Jacobs
 Dakota McCurley
7A - Dakota McCurley
Hope Shelton  
7B - Hope Shelton 
 Tylar Moorehead
7B - Tylar Moorehead
 Mariah Curry
7C - Mariah Curry
 Dylan Casey
7C - Dylan Casey
 Jordyn Swaim
8A - Jordyn Swaim
 Caleb Hillis
8A - Caleb Hillis
Felicity Miller 
8B - Felicity Miller
 Gabino Balderas-Tello
8B - Gabino Balderas-Tello
 Alicia Morales
8C - Alicia Morales
 Cameron Chamblee
8C - Cameron Chamblee
Teresa Tremblay 
Exploratory - Teresa Tremblay
 Tyler Miller
Exploratory - Tyler Miller