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Social Media Information & Bullying


The safety of our students and your children is our first priority, and we need your help addressing a growing issue. More and more, we are having issues with students threatening or harassing others using social media.

We take all threats to students and employees seriously. As such, any student found to have contributed or instigated a fight or disruption at school through social media or otherwise will be disciplined at the school level, as well as possible juvenile justice interventions.

Parents can help us avoid these unfortunate situations by monitoring their children's social media activity at home and having family discussions about appropriate communications among friends and other students. As a resource for you, we have included an article for parents with further information about popular social media sites and apps. You can find this article HERE.

We appreciate your partnership and support of our school, our students and our community. Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information about how to address these topics with your children.