Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School

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Welcome to Intervention!

RTI- Response to Instruction and Intervention
Rutherford County Schools is committed to helping all children succeed. We have many ways to help children who are struggling to learn and who need additional supports to be successful. Response to instruction and intervention is one form of support we offer in all schools.
What is RTI?
RTI is an instructional delivery system that uses a data-driven, problem-solving model to identify specific student needs and matches the appropriate instructional strategies. In Rutherford County, RTI is part of our general education instruction program, and all students have access to appropriate interventions.
Intervention Grading Policy:

To determine a grade for each 9 weeks’ progress report or report card, students will be progressed monitored every 2 weeks to assess their current reading or math skills.  This information will be saved in graph format and sent home with report cards or when a student exits intervention.  Students will be given either a “P” for Progressing or “NP” for Not Progressing.


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