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Welcome to 7B Science.


The  goal of the 7th grade science teachers is to share their love of science to instill the mind set of being a life long learner.

To promote this mindset, seventh grade science students will continue to develop SKILLS IN scientific inquiry and engineering, chemistry and life science.

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 ext. 31366

Essential Learning

7th Grade  

Essential learnings: 1. I can identify the parts of an atom correctly, differentiate between physical and chemical changes, and use the periodic table to understand differences between atoms and matter. I can cite evidence of a chemical change. 2. I can identify the composition of the earth’s atmosphere and understand how changes caused by humans affect it. 3. I can identify plant and animal cell organelles and explain their relationship to an organism’s structure. 4. I can accurately demonstrate the use of a Punnett Square to predict the traits and characteristics of an offspring. 5. I can distinguish between sexual and asexual reproduction. 6. I can identify the reactants and products of chemical reactions, including photosynthesis and cellular respiration. 7. I can differentiate and sequence the stages of mitosis and meiosis. 8. I can understand how energy can be transferred within an ecosystem and how energy can change from one type to another. 9. I can analyze behavioral and structural adaptations of organisms and how those adaptations benefit the organisms. 


Students and parents can click on the science standards link to get extra help with all 7th grade science work.