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Logging In

If a student is having issues signing into a student device: 
  1. Verify that student is entering the correct login. Students use their email address to sign in to the student devices.
    If John Smith's student username is jsmith1234, his student device username is jsmith1234@student.rcschools.net.
    The majority of student login issues are due to mistyping the email address, and the areas in color are the ones that present the most problems: _____________@student.rcschools.net area.

  2. If there is a “user profile” or “low resource” error, shut down computer (hold power button down until computer shuts off), and then restart (press power button to turn on).

  3. If the error states that your password is incorrect and to make sure you are using the correct password for your Microsoft Account (image of error below)   CLICK HERE for instructions on how to fix the issue.
        login issue
     4. Make sure it states “Sign in to: Your Work or school account” under login boxes
         (if not, click Sign-In Options and press KEY icon.

       (Click here to see how to fix this issue)

     5. Check to see if student’s information works on a desktop computer. If they login to a desktop computer 
         and are prompted for a password change, have student type their initials in front of their lunch number 
         for the new password. Then, have student try  to login to student device. 
        Ex:  If John Smith's lunch number is 3456789, he would change his password to js3456789
   6. Make sure the student device is connected to the WIFI. Click here for instructions.