Keyne Mitchell » Welcome to Mrs. Mitchell's Class

Welcome to Mrs. Mitchell's Class

ELA: Welcome to a New Semester.
We are working in unit 6D sub unit 1 on Amplify.This unit will use Greek Mythology as our main texts. Skills we are focusing on are: Author's Point of View and how that is conveyed in the text, compare and contrast how texts use the same theme, theme, and symbolisim.
Math:This months focus skills are: algebraic expressions, equilvant expressions, solving equations and inequalities. We will be working on advanced skills for solving multi-step equations and inequalities.
ELA:    Remember your Solo's for each lesson, they are graded for accuracy.
To get to Amplify, go to clever and then my page, then Amplify.
You can see the day by day assignments in Schoology. go to Clever, my page, Schoology. Find your class and you will see the link to this weeks lesson plan.
Keyne Mitchell
6th Grade Math
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