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Ms. Garrard's 8th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! This is my third year at Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School. I am Ms. Hannah Garrard. I enjoy reading, writing, anime, video games and history of course. I teach motorcycle safety in my free time and travel across the country (or just around town) on my Harley. I am from Memphis, Tennessee and lived in Murfreesboro for a few years now. I love the community of Murfreesboro and surrounding areas. I have my BA from the University of Memphis in History and my M.ED from Middle Tennessee State University in Education. My goal this year is show my students the adventurous side of History. I hope we all have a great year together! 
MAKE UP WORK: On Clever, each unit's PowerPoint are labeled. You can highlight the chapters you missed the days you are absent. Please email me anytime you are absent and I will tell you what pages you missed from the book. It is your responsibility to email me about missing work. Do not hesitate to email me about any questions you have about missing work. I will make sure you have everything and are caught up in the three days of each absent. 
https://www.geoguessr.com/seterra/en/vgp/3063  50 State Capitals Map Practice 
Colonization Unit 1
American Revolution Unit 2
The New Nation Unit 3
Sectionalism and Reform Unit 5
Jacksonian Era Unit 6
Expansion Unit 7
Civil War Unit 8
Reconstruction Unit 9