Shawn Pilkinton » Welcome to 7B Science!

Welcome to 7B Science!

I am very excited about the 2023-2024 school year and everything we will accomplish this year! 

Carolina grad students bring science to the community | UNC-Chapel Hill

Need to knows for the year:

-Check your grades regularly through Skyward using your assigned username and password. To get assistance with your Skyward username and password, please email

-You can access your Office 365 (email) account by clicking here, the username and password are the same as your computer login at school.

Example username: [email protected]

If a student has forgotten their password, they may click here to reset it.

-Students will use Clever to access online textbooks and assignments in: Mastery Connect, Actively Learn, NearPod, Interactive Science Journal.


RCS Online Textbook Middle School (6-8)

Use the District Clever portal to access the following textbook:
*Science Savvas Easy Bridge App through Clever 

View the link below for more textbook and app information:

Middle School Textbook Access Information


Mr. Pilkinton's Schedule: 

8:02-8:32 STINGER
8:35-9:20 2ND PERIOD
9:23-10:08 3RD PERIOD
10:11-10:56 4TH PERIOD
10:59-12:22 5TH PERIOD
12:25-1:10 6TH PERIOD
1:13-1:58 7TH PERIOD
2:01-2:50 8TH PERIOD



February 29, 2024- Sub Plans

CPalms Albino Alligators (Genetics and Heredity)

The class will walk through a simulation on identifying genotypes and phenotypes. Afterwards, the students will build and decode Punnett squares. Complete part 1 and part 2 of the simulation. A template has been left for the students to fill in.

Albino Alligators Part 1: Genotypes and Phenotypes


Albino Alligators Part 2: Punnett Squares

*Complete any missing classwork or quizzes in Mastery Connect

March 1, 2024- Crazy Trait Day 2 (Analysis)

The class will walk through traits they have in common. (Analysis)

February 28, 2024- CFA

The class will take a Common Formative Assessment on traits. The students should be able to recognize the differences between  Homozygous and Heterozygous genotype and phenotypes.

February 27, 2024- Homozygous/Heterozygous/genotype/phenotype etc

The class will continue to practice recognizing the differences between:  homozygous, heterozygous, genotypes, and phenotypes in traits.
-Practice Templates

February 26, 2024- Homozygous and Heterozygous

The class will discuss the differences between Homozygous and Heterozygous genotypes. 
-guided notes