Hello Beta Students! 
Congratulations to our new Beta Members! We are excited to have you as members. We look forward to events in the 2023/24 school year.
Please check your school email regularly for updates. 
For those that are leaving us and are headed to high school, we encourage you to log on to your zoned school's website and look up information about the Beta Club. That way you can be prepared to send in any applications and know pertinent information for the start of next year. 
Take care, 
Mrs. Messick, Ms. Murphy & Mrs. Nelson
Beta Club is a service oriented club for those who meet the academic expectations. Our goal is to serve the school and community in ways that provide academic support and school enrichment. 
In November of 2019, several members from the WBMS Jr Beta club participated in individual and group competitions at the National Jr Beta. Convention at Opryland Hotel. The learning, experience and individual growth from participating in this event is invaluable. Thank you to all for supporting us! 
Club Sponsors
Cindy Messick
Sue Petree 
Lisa Murphy