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Katie Hall » Welcome to Ms. Hall's Math Classes

Welcome to Ms. Hall's Math Classes

Please follow the link to your math class.

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Welcome back!

8C math is starting off with a bang as students work on name reflections and rotations. Vocabulary is extensive and often new in the geometry unit so get a jump on studying here. You will notice many words that we have discussed and many more that we will learn throughout this 9 weeks.
Don't forget that you must get 20 prodigy questions correct every week for your homework grade. Many of you already had that finished on Monday. Way to go!

Math Benchmark Testing Wednesday

The math benchmark test is Wednesday, we will be reviewing Monday and Tuesday, come to class ready to focus and take good notes. Then study!
You can do this!

8th Grade Math 10/30 update

You should have completed the intro to functions quiz retake last week.
If you did not you must first achieve an 80%-100% on the quizizz review. The code is 956157, or your grade will be an average of your 2 grades together!

Integrated Math 10/23

Remember to get all of your homework on Khan Academy and the assignments on edPuzzle completed prior to the quiz on Wednesday. I have opened the practice quiz that we went over today on edulastic that you are welcome to use for practice.

8th Grade Math 10/9

As always, 20 correct questions on Prodigy is your weekly homework. If you don't know your username/password see me before or after class or email me, and then write it down or make a note so that you remember it in the future!
Remember the goal is to support those you are working with during center time, and focus on instruction during whole class time.

Integrated Math Class

Retake your Benchmark tomorrow. Don't forget the review is in your class notebook.
Remember you have 3 short assignments on Khan Academy. Two of which will help you prepare for your retake!
Make sure you complete at least 30 minutes on Carnegie this week!

8th Grade Math Classes

Make sure you rewrite each vocabulary word twice in order to retake your vocabulary test.
Prepare for your quiz on Thursday with quizizz. The code is 587305.
Make sure you answer 20 Prodigy problems correctly by Friday, for a 100 on your homework.

End of the 9 Weeks

Don't forget the end of the 9 weeks is Friday. All work needs to be completed and turned in by Thursday, due to the Stinger Step.