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Supply Lists

2019-20 School Year
6th grade Supply List   7th grade Supply List   8th grade Supply List
Spiral notebook - single subject (2)   Composition book (1)   Notebook paper (college ruled, multiple packs throughout the year)
Notebook paper (5 packs)   Colored pencils   Graph paper (1 pack for math)
2-inch, three ring binder (2)   Spiral notebook - single subject (4)   Composition notebook (3)
Dividers for three ring binder (2)   Highlighters (assorted colors)   Spiral notebook (120 pages)
Sticky notes (3 packs)   Dry erase markers (1 pack)   2-inch, three ring binder (1)
Composition notebooks (2)   Glue sticks   Dividers with pockets (for three ring binder)
Glue sticks (8)   Tissues   Pencils (multiple throughout the year)
folders with prongs and pockets (2)   earbuds   Colored pencils (2 packs)
Pencils       Highlighters (assorted colors)
Tissues (2)       Dry erase markers (1 pack)
Colored pencils       Glue sticks (8)
Highlighters       Sticky notes (small or large)
Dry erase markers (at least 2)       Tissues (2 boxes)
earbuds       earbuds
Wish List items are items that are not required for class, but greatly help keep things running smoothly throughout the year.  Any materials supplied to the teachers from below is greatly appreciated.  Every student only has one homeroom teacher, but there are four teachers total in his or her mini-school.
Thank you in advance for your help with these materials!  We appreciate any donations you offer.
6th grade Wish List (optional) 7th grade Wish List (optional) 8th grade Wish List (optional)
3x5 lined index cards (2 packs)
Antibacterial wipes (i.e. Chlorox, Lysol,etc.)
Pencil pouch
Cap erasers
Copy paper
paper towels
3x5 lined index cards
Copy paper
3x5 lined index cards (pack of 100)
Pens (blue or black)
Pencil pouch
Handheld pencil sharpener