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Collection Management

Our Library Media Specialist will review, evaluate, and select the school library media collection.  The Library Media Specialist works  cooperatively with administrators and teachers to provide resources  which represent needs of the collection.  The primary objective of the Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School Media  Center is  to implement, enrich, and support  the instructional  program of  the school. Library  media collections  are developed to meet  both curricular and personal  needs.  Due to the high cost of materials, it is important to examine books  with the following criteria in mind before purchasing.  Approved book vendors may present actual books to the school for consideration. The responsibility for coordinating the selection of library materials rests with the library media specialist who seeks faculty,  student, and parent recommendations for purchase of library media materials.  Favorable reviews from professional review journals and authoritative selection references should be used when developing library media collections.  Wherever possible, direct examination of materials is advisable to ensure that they meet selection criteria.  
De-selection of library materials, the process of removing items from the collection, is essential for the maintenance of an active, academically useful library collection. De-selection provides quality control for the collection by elimination of outdated, inaccurate, and worn-out materials. The library media specialist is responsible for conducting an ongoing de-selection effort in consultation with faculty in their areas of collection responsibility and for maintaining the quality of the collection. The same guidelines used for selection of library materials provide the underlying principles for de-selection.