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Information if you are absent....
If you are out, please email your teacher to get assignments or call a friend. When you get back to school, ask your teacher for any worksheets that you might need.  Students are expected to complete assignments when they are not able to attend school.  


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Welcome to Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School 6A Science Class!  We hope you had a wonderful summer and that you are ready to begin your journey through middle school. We have been very busy preparing for the new school year and are looking forward to working with each of you. We assure you that your three years at WBMS will be educationally rewarding. It is our mission to ensure that each student feels they are a part of Whitworth Buchanan Middle School and a part of their education. This year will look very different from years past, but we will navigate through it together. The word of the year in 6A Science will be PATIENCE...please be patient with me as we all navigate through this journey together.

Course Description:   

The sixth-grade science course provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills in science. Concepts include: technology and engineering,  energy, energy resources, heat, atmospheric convection and weather, ocean currents, living things, invasive species, biodiversity and biomes. The concepts are investigated through observing, asking questions, developing and using models, planning and carrying out investigations, constructing explanations and designing solutions, engaging in argument, analyzing and interpreting data, obtaining , evaluating, and communicating information,and using mathematics and computational thinking.
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